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Solar Attic Fan

gable-seriesWhat is a solar attic fan and how does it work?

Solar attic fan is a ventilation fan that runs solely on free solar energy. The fan comes with a solar panel that is placed in the roof of  your home. A single 10 watt unit can fully vent up to 1,200 square feet, operating at up to 850 cfms. We also have the 20 watt unit for homes up to 2400 sq ft, operating at up to 1200 cfms.

Why would i need a solar attic fan?

During the summer time, the sun radiates heat onto your roof, whether you have singles or tiles, especially if colored black, it will get very hot. The energy will transfer and heat up the stagnant air up to 160ºf in your attic. When this hot stagnant heat is allowed to sit there, it will eventually penetrate the walls and enter the home causing the air conditioner to run even harder. In fact, extra insulation can actually add temperature increase because heat is trapped in the insulation. The solar attic fan will constantly exchange the stagnant air with the outside air thus cooling the attic at a much faster rate than the standard home natural ventilation. The solar attic fan will remove heat and moisture from the attic and prevent build up of rust and mold thus saving energy and extending the life of the air conditioning system.

How long is the payback period of the solar attic fan?

It takes about 3 summers of usage to pay for itself. Again, it does not use the house’s electrical lines. The solar attic fan contributes to the overall efficiency of the home. You are making money!

Why is the solar attic fan better than ridge vents, turbine vents, or gable vents?

All these other vents are passive vents in which temperature reduction is entirely up to the nature of passive air convection. Our solar attic fan compliments your existing vents by actively forcing air draft to pass through your attic and cooling it. Our fans will work with any of the above mentioned vents.

Are these solar attic fans noisy?

Our solar attic fans are designed to be very quiet when they are operating. As compared to hard wired fans which tend to be noisy.

Is there any wiring required to install your solar attic fans?

No, our solar attic fans are ready to use as long as there is sun light. It will be ready once it is installed.

Does it operate during cool temperature?

Our solar attic fans comes with an optional thermostat, when the attic temperature drops to around 70º f, the fan will automatically shut itself off then at 80º f. By doing so, it will extend the life of the fan and save you money in the long run.

Do your solar attic fans come with a battery back-up?

Having a battery is not necessary with our product. The fans will work when there is sun is out to keep your attic cool. If there is an overcast, your attic will not be bombarded by the sun’s radiant heat, therefore the fan will not be needed.

Will your product help if i already have hp energy shield in my attic?

Yes it will. In fact, our solar attic fans will compliment the hp energy shield. Hp energy shields are very effective insulation to be used in your attic,as it will reject heat from entering your home. The solar attic fans will then push out the rejected heat from the attic.