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Insulation Contractor

Insulation Removal is seldom necessary, but when you need this type of service you should call a professional. We at EnergySmith Home Performance use only the best equipment to perform your attic evacuation.  When you remove the old dusty, infested or just plain worn out insulation you put yourself in the perfect position to Air Seal and Insulate.  With the old insulation removed Air Sealing your attic can be accomplished extremely effectively.  Air sealing does as much, if not more, than adding a large amount of insulation to increase the energy efficiency of a home. Present code demands that a home not only is well insulated to address the thermal boundary but is also air sealed which addresses the pressure boundary. The Building Performance Institute, as well as power companies, Energy Star and the US Dept of Energy recommends you never Air Seal without Insulating and never Insulate without Air Sealing. The combined effect of Air Sealing and Insulating should give you the end result that you expect. If you would like to save money and increase comfort then upgrade your home’s energy rating by Air Sealing and Insulating. The Krendl GV-180 is an 18 HP insulation vac that has high production for quick removal of old blown insulation.  The system uses closed bags for easy haul away of the old material. Call us today and let us show you how fresh insulation can change your comfort and Bills.


“Given the option, I would have the old insulation removed; let me tell you why.

The first reason is that old insulation is full of dust and possible contaminants accumulated over the years. These contaminants can enter the home making a home a less healthy environment.

If your old insulation isn’t insulating very well; might as well replace it with insulation employing the latest in technological breakthroughs.