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Certified Home Energy Auditor

This Video Shows an Energy Audit

Blower Door Testing is a sure way to find air leaks in your home or business. You can improve the energy efficiency (loss or gain) in a building by finding, sealing, insulating and improving the ratio of gain or loss of conditioned air to unconditioned in the building. The Blower Door test can see things that the human eye never will. It tells us not only how much loss or gains we have but where.

Shouldn’t your building provide you with the best environment possible?


Thermal Imaging for Energy Auditing & Home Inspection

Air tightness and thermal imaging testing are important quality control measures when building or renovating a house. Heat losses in buildings can account for up to 50% of the total energy consumption and comes from air leaking through chimney chases, attic penetrations, and other deficiencies in the building envelope.

Detection and Visualization of Air Infiltration and Ex-filtration

Adequate air exchange is essential for occupant’s health and safety, but most buildings have a far higher rate of air exchange that is necessary. The root cause is often poor design and/or construction which allows air leakage from the inside or outside of the building, or the opposite. The leakage pathway is often complex and, without thermal imaging, extremely difficult to visualize. A thermal camera allows the contractor to quickly identify problem areas and devise a plan of action to stop energy loss.

Improved Energy Efficiency

To identify areas of energy waste, infrared imaging has quickly become a valued tool in identifying problems related to energy loss, missing insulation, inefficient HVAC systems, radiant heating, water damage on roofs, and much more. A thermal imaging camera identifies patterns of heat loss that are invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging quickly indicates the air leaks within a property.

Professional home inspectors and energy auditors are using leading-edge infrared technology from RAZIR to perform energy auditing of homes and buildings to improve energy efficiency, thus leading to savings on energy costs.

Home Energy Auditor - Infrared Imaging

All new buildings must meet the air-tightness requirements of the Building Regulations. By reducing air leakage, you obtain a better comfort in the building. The building can also be heated more efficiently to conserve energy and save money.

Thermal Imaging Camera


Heat Loss and Heat Gain Testing can quickly identify problem areas in any building structure and pinpoint where your money is being wasted.

The Building Performance Institute and every power company we’ve worked with only recognize a proper energy audit when conducted with the proper tools. We offer thermal imaging inspections to help pinpoint trouble spots.