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Radiant Barrier

Sigma Technologies is proud to introduce their latest insulation innovation – radiant barrier made with 99.99% pure copper. These unique radiant barrier products have the ability to dramatically reduce the heat flow by radiation, with superior protection against corrosion, oxidation and aging.

Copperflect copper radiant barrier is an innovative temperature control solution. By reflecting the sun’s radiant heat during the warm months, and trapping the interior infrared heat during cooler months, Copperflect creates a more comfortable living space year round while reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

  • Copper Radiant Barrier is far superior to aluminum radiant barriers.
  • Copper will not oxidize like aluminum. There for, you get years more return on your money with Copperflect. 
  • Copperflect is the only copper radiant barrier at present.
  • We are proud to represent Copperflect here at EnergySmith Home Performance. 

Please enjoy the following video on our product!

Copper Radiant Barrier Insulation Meets:
– FTC R-value Requirements
– ASTM and NFPA Fire Standards
– ICC International Building Code
– ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes program
– Sigma Testing Methods backed with a Lifetime Warranty